Lightning, hippos and a spotted hyena: a memorable Functional Metagenomics 2024 meeting


Nearly 70 scientists from 14 countries gathered at Kruger National Park in South Africa to share the latest research in metagenomics, as AMI Healthy Land Scientific Advisory Group member Professor Don Cowan explains.

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Clean Water


Researchers discover genetic collaboration in harmful algae


A breakthrough study of freshwater harmful algal communities led by Dave Hambright, a Regents’ Professor of Biology at the University of Oklahoma, has discovered that complementary genes in bacteria and algae living in the same algal colonies coordinate the use and movement of nutrients within the colony. This research, funded ...


Previously uncharacterized parasite uncovered in fish worldwide


Using genome reconstruction, scientists have unveiled a once ‘invisible’ fish parasite  present in many marine fish world-wide that belongs to the apicomplexans, one of the most important groups of parasites at a clinical level.