Max Chavarría

Max Chavarría Vargas is a professor at the School of Chemistry at the University of Costa Rica. He conducts his research in this academic unit as well as at the Natural Products Research Center (CIPRONA). Additionally, he coordinates the genomics and molecular biology unit at the National Center for Biotechnology Innovations (CENIBiot). He completed his bachelor's and master's degrees in chemistry at the University of Costa Rica and later obtained his Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid. His research interests include studying the diversity and functions of microbiota in underexplored environments, the symbiotic relationships of microorganisms with higher organisms, and their potential for biotechnological applications and production of bioactive molecules.

  • Spider

    Tarantula bites and the emerging field of venom microbiomics


    The field of venom-microbiomics is not only an opportunity for better medical treatment of venomous animal bites or stings, but also a means to explore a new ecosystem, learn about evolution, and study a microbiota with potential biotechnological applications.