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Today we are seeing climate change in action, increased concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases have led to a rise in sea levels, temperatures, and extreme weather patterns. Researchers have acknowledged the pivotal role microorganisms in producing sustainable biofuels, increasing carbon sequestration via soil microbes and reducing methane emissions in landfill sites. Microbial innovation will be vital in moving towards a low carbon economy.


Methanogen genomes reveal how life thrives in extreme conditions


 A comparison of the genomes of methane-producing microorganisms reveals that temperature adaptation might not be genomically encoded, but rather enforced through protein regulation and finer scale adaptations in amino acids.

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Scientists find new eco-friendly source of nanoparticles in edible seaweed

An edible seaweed could provide a potential environmentally friendly source of silver nanoparticles for antibacterial and anticancer applications.

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