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Today we are seeing climate change in action, increased concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases have led to a rise in sea levels, temperatures, and extreme weather patterns. Researchers have acknowledged the pivotal role microorganisms in producing sustainable biofuels, increasing carbon sequestration via soil microbes and reducing methane emissions in landfill sites. Microbial innovation will be vital in moving towards a low carbon economy.


Global warming increases the diversity of active soil bacteria


Warmer soils harbour a greater diversity of active microbes, reveals a study that represents a shift in our understanding of how microbial activity in the soil influences the global carbon cycle and possible feedback mechanisms on the climate.

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Photosynthetic mechanism of purple sulfur bacterium adapted to low-calcium environments revealed

Researchers revealed the LH1-RC structures of Allochromatium vinosum, a model species of autotrophic bacteria capable of thriving in low-calcium or soft-water environments, at a resolution that enabled individual amino acid visualization.

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