Climate action

Today we are seeing climate change in action, increased concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases have led to a rise in sea levels, temperatures, and extreme weather patterns. Researchers have acknowledged the pivotal role microorganisms in producing sustainable biofuels, increasing carbon sequestration via soil microbes and reducing methane emissions in landfill sites. Microbial innovation will be vital in moving towards a low carbon economy.


Sewage overflows linked to increase in gastrointestinal illnesses


A new study suggests the risk of people developing acute gastrointestinal illness is significantly higher in Massachusetts communities that border the Merrimack River in the four days following extreme combined sewer overflows.

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Weaker ocean currents lead to decline in nutrients for North Atlantic ocean life during prehistoric climate change

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have finished investigating how the prehistoric weakening of a major ocean current led to a decline in ocean nutrients and negative impacts on North Atlantic ocean life. The results support predictions about how our oceans might react to a changing climate — and what ...