Food security

Millions of people are undernourished globally and with the population growing, food security is a major concern. Food security is multifaceted, requiring advancements in food safety, ensuring products have a good shelf life, reducing spoilage and providing dietary additions to improve the nutrient intake of the population. The application of microbiology is far reaching, and new approaches are required to maintain food security. Through an improved understanding of plant-microbe interactions, it is possible to forecast and mitigate food shortages.


Scientists engineer a coating for disease-free produce

Dr. Mustafa Akbulut, professor of chemical engineering, has teamed up with horticultural science professor Luis Cisneros-Zevallos to engineer longer-lasting, bacteria-free produce.

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blue cheese


Scientists break the mould by creating new colours of ‘blue cheese’

After discovering how the classic veining of blue cheese is created, experts have created a variety of fungal strains that could be used to make cheese with colours ranging from white to yellow-green to red-brown-pink and light and dark blues.

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