Food security

Millions of people are undernourished globally and with the population growing, food security is a major concern. Food security is multifaceted, requiring advancements in food safety, ensuring products have a good shelf life, reducing spoilage and providing dietary additions to improve the nutrient intake of the population. The application of microbiology is far reaching, and new approaches are required to maintain food security. Through an improved understanding of plant-microbe interactions, it is possible to forecast and mitigate food shortages.


Super sensitive method detects deadly infectious diseases

Rutgers researchers have developed a way of detecting the early onset of deadly infectious diseases using a test so ultrasensitive that it could someday revolutionize medical approaches to epidemics.

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Researchers awarded €1.8 million to commercialise cultivated meat

Three companies have received a total of €1.8 million from EIT Food to develop innovative products to reduce the cost of producing cultivated meat within the next two years.

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