November 2023 - Rapid Diagnostics

This special issue features content from across The Microbiologist on the theme of rapid diagnostics in research, clinical care and industry. The issue will be updated across the month of November 2023 and include news, features, careers and opinion. If you would like to feature your work in this issue, contact the editorial team.

Rapid Diagnostics features
Rapid Diagnostics features

Microbiota medicine: From revolutionary breakthrough to sustainable development


Professor Faming Zhang details how and why to recognise microbiota medicine as a clinical discipline.

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Opinions in Rapid Diagnostics


Me, my microbes and I: rethinking antimicrobial stewardship and personal health education


Research into, and therefore general understanding of women’s health and disease, has been under funded and taboo for a long time.

The special issue for December 2023 will be entitled Future Technologies. If you would like to feature your work in the next issue, please contact the editorial team. Access to previous special issues can be found here.