June 2023 - Protecting Our Oceans

This special issue features content from across The Microbiologist on the theme of protecting our oceans, ocean sustainability and marine microbiology. The issue will be updated across the month of June 2023 and include news, features, careers and opinion. If you would like to feature your work in this issue, contact the editorial team.

Protecting our oceans in Careers

Algae rocks

Creating the right climate for a marine biotechnologist

2023-06-08T08:46:00+01:00By Mike Allen

Over the past decade, Mike Allen has been trying to help solve the three challenges he sees as the major threats to humanity and our way of life: energy, water and food security.

The special issue for July 2023 will be entitled Farm to Fork Microbiology. If you would like to feature your work in the next issue, please contact the editorial team. Access to previous special issues can be found in the footer navigation under ’Issues’.