​Probiotic bacteria from fermented grain byproduct can battle E coli invasion in mouse gut


Probiotic bacteria isolated from corn steep liquor - a by-product of fermented maize - can prevent E coli invasion in the mouse gut, reveals new research presented at the recent Letters in Applied Microbiology ECS Research Symposium.

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Food security


High H5N1 influenza levels found in mice given raw milk from infected dairy cows

Mice administered raw milk samples from dairy cows infected with H5N1 influenza experienced high virus levels in their respiratory organs and lower virus levels in other vital organs, according to new research.

Clean Water


Farm wastewater modelling shows footbaths are source of antimicrobial resistance


New research has mapped wastewater flows on farms and revealed where spikes in antibiotic resistant bacteria in slurry occurs, showing that water from copper and zinc footbaths used by dairy animals can cause fluctuations.

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Scientists uncover the secret synchronised sex life of coral


For the first time, researchers have produced a model for coral spawning, based on various environmental factors. They achieved this by tapping an often overlooked source of aquatic knowledge - an aquarium.