Bacteria resistant to antibiotics found in hospital wastewater system


A unique new study led by researchers at University of Limerick in Ireland has found that bacteria that may lead to hospital acquired infection is present in a hospital’s wastewater system.

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Food security


Super sensitive method detects deadly infectious diseases

Rutgers researchers have developed a way of detecting the early onset of deadly infectious diseases using a test so ultrasensitive that it could someday revolutionize medical approaches to epidemics.

Clean Water


Researchers find contaminated water in fast-food soda fountains


Scientists found microbial contamination in common sources of drinking water in the Eastern Coachella Valley, including soda fountains at fast-food restaurants.


Scientists uncover new pathway of diatom-mediated calcification


Researchers have found that the photosynthesis of a common diatom can induce substantial aragonite precipitation from artificial/natural seawater under significantly lower supersaturation levels required for the precipitation of inorganic CaCO3.