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Solutions to the global burden of foodborne illness


Each year 7 June marks World Food Safety Day, encouraging global food safety awareness through open discussion to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks throughout the population.

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Plastic beach

Lessons learned from microbes that stick to plastic

2023-06-05T07:42:00+01:00By Tracy Mincer

Lower density plastics tend to float or remain in the upper 30 meters of aquatic environments, interacting with biota in ways still being deciphered. 

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Historical Perspective


Sir Graham Wilson


Sir Graham Wilson was a pioneer in the area of public health, wartime bacteriology and food hygiene.

  • Plague in an Ancient City, Michiel Sweerts (1652–1654)

    How war sets the stage for epidemics

    On 19 June 2022, Iraq’s health authorities announced a cholera outbreak after at least 13 cases were confirmed across the country and thousands of hospital admissions for acute diarrhea were reported.

  • 300PX-~1

    t time’: why students prefer Guinness

    ‘Student’s t test’ to compare the means of two groups always seems to enjoy particularly high esteem amongst students; so much so that some may believe that the test’s name was conferred in their honour.

  • 3840px-The_Wellcome_Building

    The life and times of Sir Henry Wellcome

    Wellcome was committed to high-quality science and founded other laboratories to join the WPRL, including the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratory in Khartoum.

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