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supporting people back to STEM

Giving confidence to return to work

By ,

The founders of Women Returners and STEM Returners on why their new partnership is vital to helping people back into STEM after a career break.

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Vexed concept of a ‘foetal microbiome’ refuted

By Jens Walter

A team of international experts has refuted scientific claims that human foetuses harbour live microbes during healthy pregnancies.


Manufacturing certainty on the origin of Covid-19 is damaging to science

By Alina Chan

Alina Chan reveals why it’s dangerous to insist that the lab leak theory is dead in the water.


Engineering viruses to make the world a more dangerous place


Virologists should think thrice before embarking on gain of function experiments


The power and value of scientific societies


The fluctuating professional environment often results in ‘support turbulence’ – the unpredictability of help, encouragement, and assistance provided by mentors, colleagues, community, and institutions.


Infections in the White House: A bug’s eye view of the American presidents


Infectious diseases have dictated the length, timbre or trajectory of the terms of many past Presidents of the United States of America.


A year without antibiotics


What would it be like for a year in a world without antibiotics? Grim? Certainly. Apocalyptic? Probably not. 


Should bacteriophages be included in the environmental surveillance of risks associated with antimicrobial resistance?


The contribution of phage to environmental antibiotic resistance should not be underestimated.