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Communicable diseases remain one of the major causes of mortality worldwide. There are disparities in the numbers of individuals affected by disease between low-and-middle-income countries and those in developed nations. Microbes will play in important role in drug discovery: producing anticancer drugs and antimicrobials. Applying One Health principles, to understand the interaction of pathogens and the human host, development of diagnostics, treatments, and disease prevention, applied microbiologists can shape global health and wellbeing outcomes.


Researchers unveil new method for measuring electrical conductivity in microorganisms

Researchers investigating electro-activity in biofilms have developed a straightforward experimental setup in which a microbial colony, a form of biofilm, was grown on agar and directly pressed onto an electrode to assess its electrical conductivity.

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Researchers develop a new toolkit in fruit flies to study Zika virus

To study how Zika virus proteins hijack and disrupt host developmental pathways during infection and disease progression, scientists have generated a toolkit of transgenic flies expressing all ten Zika virus proteins. 

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