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Communicable diseases remain one of the major causes of mortality worldwide. There are disparities in the numbers of individuals affected by disease between low-and-middle-income countries and those in developed nations. Microbes will play in important role in drug discovery: producing anticancer drugs and antimicrobials. Applying One Health principles, to understand the interaction of pathogens and the human host, development of diagnostics, treatments, and disease prevention, applied microbiologists can shape global health and wellbeing outcomes.


Blocked cell wall formation stops bacterial cell division

Researchers using high-performance microscopes to observe the effect of different antibiotics on Staphylococcus aureus have clarified how exactly different antibiotics block cell division within a few minutes. 

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AMI Trustee Dr Emmanuel Adukwu wins major RSB teaching accolade

Applied MIcrobiology International (AMI) is celebrating after Non-Exec Director and Trustee Dr Emmanuel Adukwu was awarded the Royal Society of Biology’s Higher Education Bioscience Teacher of the Year award for 2023.

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