Solvay has launched a new microbiology laboratory which seeks to fast-track problematic microbial analysis to determine their roles in biofouling and corrosion.

The new facility is based in Oldbury, UK and is expected to foster innovation and promote international collaboration.

The contamination of underwater pipelines, topside equipment and oil reservoirs by problematic microbes often leads to the deterioration of metal components and the release of toxic gases. This has detrimental consequences for the processes surrounding oilfield reservoirs.

“Solvay’s new microbiology lab will support local customers in the North Sea and beyond by providing immediate answers to their technical questions,” explained Renato De Paula, Business Development Manager and Lead Technical Advisor for Biocides. “It’s not easy to transport samples containing microorganisms overseas for testing, so having this lab in the region will provide customers with the confidence that we can get the analysis done quickly.”

The opening was attended by leaders in oilfield reservoir souring forecasting and simulation, including Rawwater. The facility has been noted as a strategic investment for the UK, and aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to preserve natural resources.