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    Genetically modified bacteria break down plastics in saltwater


    Researchers have genetically engineered a marine microorganism to break down plastic in salt water - specifically, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a plastic used in everything from water bottles to clothing.

  • E coli

    Viruses deploy CRISPR system to thwart bacterial defences


    Researchers have shown that viruses engineered with a CRISPR-Cas system can thwart bacterial defenses and make selective changes to a targeted bacterium – even when other bacteria are in close proximity.

  • Marten

    Carnivore gut microbes can predict health of wild ecosystems


    Gut microbes of wild marten (Martes americana) that live in relatively pristine natural habitat is distinct from the gut microbiome of wild marten that live in areas that are more heavily impacted by human activity, researchers have found. The finding highlights an emerging tool that will allow researchers and ...