Wee Sim Choo

Wee Sim Choo has been awarded three PVC’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching (2010-2011) and one PVC Commendation for Excellence in Education - Innovations in Teaching (2020). She also received the Most Popular Supervisor in Monash University Malaysia and Supervisor of the Year of the School of Science awards in 2022 from the Monash University Postgraduate Association (MUPA). She was an Outstanding Nominee for the Best Supervisor of the Year Award in 2018. Her current research interests focus on functional foods which are foods that potentially offer health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Her work focuses on the extraction and application of bioactive compounds from food sources, phytochemicals, probiotics and prebiotics. She is investigating and pioneering works on various bioactivities of natural-coloured pigments such as betalains and anthocyanins. She currently serves as an Associate Editor for Sustainable Food Processing (specialty section of Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems) and an editorial board member of International Journal of Food Science and Technology.