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    Researchers a step closer to a cure for HIV


    A new study demonstrates that a patented therapeutic candidate, an HIV-virus-like-particle (HLP), is 100 times more effective than other candidate HIV cure therapeutics for people living with chronic HIV on combined antiretroviral therapy (cART). 

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    Unraveling cell death protein may inspire new biotechnology tool


    Scientists have unraveled the step-by-step activation process of a protein with a deep evolutionary history in all domains of life, opening the door to harnessing its functions for use as a biotechnology tool. The protein belongs to the ‘superfamily’ of Argonaute proteins, which previous research has suggested ...

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    ‘Antibiotic culture’ permeates US hospital ICUs, study finds


    A new study reveals that there continues to be an ’antibiotic culture’ in US hospitals, meaning that the preference for antibiotics is related to their perceived role as ’magic bullets’.