Matthew Koch

Matthew Koch

Features Editor

Matt studied for a PhD in Microbiology, where his thesis was focused on natural product discovery from the marine environment and the microbiota of deep-sea sponges.  Matt has since pursued a career in science communications and worked as a Science Communications Officer for AMI before becoming the Features Editor for The Microbiologist, where he enjoys being able to stay on top of the latest research and widen his knowledge base of the greatest subject in the world. 

  • Magnifying_Glass_Microplastics

    Under the microscope: microplastics


    Examining the issue of plastic pollution with a round-up of microbial advances from the last few years.

  • Books

    Viva la vida


    The thought that the viva might be the last time ever that anyone will listen to you talk about your PhD in depth may either be disappointing or liberating