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  • Bacillus_cereus_SEM-cr

    Study details a common bacterial defense against viral infection


    One of the many secrets to bacteria’s success is their ability to defend themselves from viruses, called phages, that infect bacteria and use their cellular machinery to make copies of themselves. Source: Mogana Das Murtey and Patchamuthu Ramasamy Bacillus cereus, SEM image Technological advances have enabled recent ...

  • Phage_de_S_aureus_3A

    Scientists reveal rare enzyme role change with bacterial defense system assembly


    A never-before-seen phenomenon in a protein: alone, the enzyme processes DNA and RNA but, when bound to another protein as part of a defense system, interacts with a completely different type of compound to help bacteria commit suicide.

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    Unraveling cell death protein may inspire new biotechnology tool


    Scientists have unraveled the step-by-step activation process of a protein with a deep evolutionary history in all domains of life, opening the door to harnessing its functions for use as a biotechnology tool. The protein belongs to the ‘superfamily’ of Argonaute proteins, which previous research has suggested ...