Applied Microbiology International is keen to hear from members whose research relates to renewable/green energy technologies, or who work within the renewable/green energy technology sector.

The UK Government’s Energy Security & Net Zero Committee has launched an inquiry to look at how the energy mix of the UK needs to change in the near future and what technologies, including small fission reactors, hydrogen, geothermal, tidal, wave, solar, batteries storing renewable-derived energy and biomass, might be applied immediately to deliver a national capability to keep the power on while delivering against net zero targets.


AMI Policy Manager Dr Lucky Cullen explained: ”The UK government regularly releases inquiries into certain subjects, where they put out a ‘call for evidence’. ‘Evidence’ counts as anything submitted in response to the inquiry. AMI tries to respond to any inquiries relevant to AMI’s community; we collate any responses we receive from our membership into a submission.

Strong impact

”Whether you’re a research technician, PhD student, Professor or otherwise, we welcome your expertise, as we believe our submissions will have the most impact when they’re fed into by a diverse audience.

”If you would like yourself and/or your organisation to be recognised in the submission, please leave your name and organisation next to your contributions (or feel free to email us if preferable), and we will list you as a contributor in the submission. If you don’t wish to be mentioned, that’s fine also, just let us know!” Dr Cullen said.

To get involved, members can check their emails to access the SharePoint document, or both members and non-members can email to share their views.

The deadline to input is Friday 18 August, but you will have a chance to review the final draft before submission. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We very much look forward to seeing your contributions and we hope this is an exciting opportunity to gain experience in influencing policymaking and promote your research/knowledge.