This event centered around a panel of speakers from across the globe, who shared their local insights and advice on soil success stories and lessons learned to facilitate a global knowledge exchange. Led by Professor Brajesh Singh, winner of AMI’s Dorothy Jones award in 2023, this panel of soil microbiology experts offered a comprehensive exploration into what different areas of the world were doing in terms of taking a soil microbiome approach to soil health, and their experiences and opinions on doing so.

The discussion provided an international learning experience to help explore whether a microbiome-based approach to soils across the globe was possible, and desirable and if so, how it could be implemented.

The webinar began with a 10-15 minute keynote from Brajesh which then led into ‘10 minute overviews’ of what our panel members were doing in terms of pursuing a microbiome-based approach to soil health. We then moved into a Q&A session with our audience asking questions and sharing regional experiences and challenges related to soil microbiology.