The latest volume of the Bentham Science book series, Frontiers in Antimicrobial Agents, scopes out the potential of marine natural compounds in the search for anti-infective medicines.


The world is facing a growing crisis as the number of new antimicrobials on the market has decreased over the last two decades, while harmful pathogenic organisms have acquired high resistance rates, rendering current antimicrobials less effective. 

Recent Advances in the Application of Marine Natural Products as Antimicrobial Agents is a new series volume that covers this subject This volume explores the untapped potential of marine environments to provide breakthrough treatments for various human ailments through the discovery of novel bioactive compounds.

Rich diversity

Authored by a team of experts in the field of natural product science, marine microbiology, and biotechnology, Recent Advances in the Application of Marine Natural Products as Antimicrobial Agents delves into the rich diversity of animals, plants, and microorganisms found in the marine environment. These marine resources are proving to be a valuable source of natural bioactive compounds that have demonstrated antimicrobial properties.

Together, these accomplished editors have edited an informative treatise on marine natural products as novel antimicrobial agents, making the book a useful contribution to anyone’s library biotechnology and antimicrobial research library.

The book presents 17 comprehensive chapters that cover a wide range of topics related to marine natural products as antimicrobial agents. It begins with an overview of the significance of antimicrobial drug development and the challenges associated with different discovery platforms. The subsequent chapters focus on the use of microorganisms, bacteria, bacterial viruses, cyanobacteria, marine algae, mangrove extracts, sponges, and various bioactive components from marine habitats as potential sources of novel antimicrobial agents.

Promising potential

The book also explores the promising potential of antimicrobial peptides, biosurfactants, and polysaccharides derived from marine sources. Chapters dedicated to synthetic drug discovery, combinatorial therapy, and nanomedicine showcase innovative approaches to developing effective antimicrobial drugs.

As the demand for alternative therapeutic interventions grows in the face of rising antimicrobial drug resistance, this book provides valuable insights and information on the ongoing clinical trials and patents related to marine natural compounds with antimicrobial properties. It is a valuable resource for both beginners and experts in the field, offering a comprehensive overview of the potential of marine resources in addressing the antimicrobial crisis.

Recent Advances in the Application of Marine Natural Products as Antimicrobial Agents is now available and is an essential read for those seeking innovative solutions in the fight against antimicrobial drug resistance.

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