Medical microbiologist Oluwole Owoyemi of Achievers University Owo and Federal University of Technology, Akure, reports back from ASM MICROBE 2024 after being awarded a Scientific Event Travel Grant by Applied Microbiology International.

Firstly, it was really fascinating to be in attendance and present my poster in the largest microbial gathering in the world organised by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM). Upon arrival at the venue in Georgia World Congress Centre, just in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, the ASM staff welcomed me with warmth and smiles, directing me to the registration section where my conference badge was printed.

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I enjoyed the symposium presentation on Histopathology of Infectious diseases for Clinical Microbiologists presented on Thursday 13th June 2024, where different speakers shed more light on the histopathological effect of biological samples in animal model research, assisting clinical microbiologists to make informed decisions on some biological experiments, which helped to broaden my knowledge in clinical experimentations and findings report.

Additionally, it was great connecting with leading microbiologists from diverse backgrounds, helping me to exchange ideas and knowledge after the presentation in the question-and-answer interactive session. For example, it was nice connecting with Prof. Karl Thompson of Howard University, USA, who presented the following topic: ‘’Empowering Future Scientists: Insights from HBCUs to Train Scholars from Historically Excluded Groups’’. His presentation was top-notch and I really learnt a lot from his fine example in demonstrating great qualities, such as patience and provision of necessary research support, required from good lecturers/researchers in mentoring graduates and undergraduate students, explained in details during his presentation.

Poster presentation

Furthermore, it was exciting to showcase and present a section of my doctoral research in my poster presentation on Friday 14th June 2024. The title of my poster presentation is: ‘Comparative Studies on the Antibacterial Properties of Ageratum conyzoides & Tridax procumbens Ethanolic Leaf Extracts on Selected Pathogens’ where I presented my research findings on the antibacterial activities of T. procumbens and A. conyzoides as a promising antibacterial agent in the treatment of several difficult-to-treat (multidrug resistant; MDR) bacterial infections observed in cancer patients, including breast and prostate cancer.

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The presentation aroused various conversations from scientific attendees of diverse ethnicity, leading to positive suggestions and future preclinical research with the aim of harnessing innovative findings in the treatment of opportunistic bacteria, causing infections in cancer patients. What is more? I had the opportunity to chat with some professors in my field who encouraged me to advance my study in medical microbiology after the presentation.

Connecting with microbiologists

Moreover, on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (15th to 17th June 2024), I enjoyed several lectures on antimicrobial resistance, Early Career Researcher Engagement on ASM Journals, participated in a microbiological-based quiz, which was really fun and got connected with other microbiologists and biologists of diverse specializations, exchanging ideas and learning from them.

In addition, it was nice meeting and connecting with Dr. Chris William Weston of Northern Carolina Uni. USA, Chioma Uchendu of Rutgers Uni. USA, Michele Espinoza-Sauceda of Uni. of Northern Texas (UNT) Health Science Center USA, Adaeze Ogbona of UNT Health Science Center USA, Iyiola Oladunjoye (Visiting Researcher at Oxford Vaccine group, UK), Simisola Ajayi of SciLeads Canada, Forte Othreniel USA, Venkatesh Ghodke of IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India and many other microbiologists


Overall, the experience gathered via the ASM conference attendance has broadened my microbiological-based knowledge and scope, fostering my love for microbiology all the more, and helped improve my communication and research skills, including connecting with current and potential future leaders in microbiology.

I really enjoyed myself with the support received from Dr. Chris William Weston and was well-fed with microbiological-based knowledge in my field. I look forward to carrying out vital innovative research in microbiology, especially in bacterial pathogenesis, bacteriology, molecular genetics, bacterial genetics, cancer biology, antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance, using my microbiological-based skills, including western blotting, molecular biology, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), etc, thereby contributing significant findings to the research at hand and overall body of knowledge in microbiology with the ultimate goal of preventing and treating human diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms.



I would like to attend ASM conference in the future with my advisors, especially Prof. M. K. Oladunmoye who supervised and trained me during my master’s and doctoral degrees in medical microbiology. It was a very nice experience for me and a milestone in my academic career. Conclusively, I would like to thank AMI specially for the great opportunity and funding support received to attend the world-renowned and informative conference organised by ASM in the States, giving me an opportunity to present my doctoral research.

Additionally, I would like to thank my doctoral advisors in person of Prof. M. K. Oladunmoye and Prof. E. O. Dada for supervising my doctoral research and the trainings received over the years. Moreover, big thanks to my lecturers who trained me during my undergraduate degree in microbiology at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba (AAUA) Nigeria, and most especially, my lecturers in graduate school (FUTA), including the following professors: A. Olajide Ajayi, Timothy Adejumo, Anthony Onifade, Daniel Arotupin, Tinuola Adebolu, Ayodele Ogundare, Bola Boboye, Funmilola Omoya, Deke Adegunloye and all staff of microbiology department at AAUA and FUTA.

In addition, I would like to thank my fellow microbiologist friends who supported me during my undergraduate and graduate degrees, including Ayodeji Balogun, Olumide Badejo, Ayotunde Abe, Dr. Emmanuel Adeniyi, Dr. Olumide Oluyele, Dr. Ifeoluwa Afolami, Dr. Bukola Fabunmi, Dr. Cyrus Ekundayo, Dr. Kehinde Oyeniran, Dr. Samuel Awala, Dr. Kelvin Alaneme and Dr. Zacharia Egbunu among others. I would like to thank my family immensely for their general support on my studies over the years. Great thanks to Jehovah God, the wellspring of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Oluwole Owoyemi studied for his PhD in medical microbiology at The Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Nigeria. His research advisors are: Prof. Muftau K. Oladunmoye and Prof. Ebenezer O. Dada.

His current research focuses on the isolation of pathogenic bacteria from blood samples of cancer patients, and evaluation of their susceptibility patterns against conventional antibiotics in order to determine their resistance patterns, with a view to developing alternative therapeutics from natural products of plant origin in the treatment of multi-drug resistant bacteria (MDRB), causing infections in cancer patients. He looks forward to securing and starting his postdoctoral training in microbiology.

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