Qiagen logo Free soil DNA extraction guidelines

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Applied Microbiology International has teamed up with international supplier of scientific equipment QIAGEN, to offer our readers free access to their latest recommendations for soil DNA extraction from sample to insight.

QIAGEN is an internationally renowned supplier specialising in scientific assays and diagnostic technology, with a proven track record of delivering state-of-the-art laboratory supplies used in research and diagnostics across the world.

The extraction of DNA from soil is a vital step in understanding environmental microbiology. Ensuring the highest quality DNA yield is essential to ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of downstream applications. The latest DNA extraction kits are designed to do just this.

The technical download included with this release covers QIAGEN’s insights into the process of extracting DNA from soil, important considerations throughout the process, and details of the latest equipment available from QIAGEN, recommended to achieve the best results.

“Soil is complex and diverse, making it one of the most challenging sample types for microbial nucleic acid isolation,” a QIAGEN spokesperson said.

QIAGEN’s range of Soil DNA extraction kits is designed to cover every possibility, from high-throughput studies to low biomass soil applications and those with whole genome sequencing (WGS) requirements.

“The Microbiome WGS SeqSets truly exhibit the ‘Sample to Insight’ spirit. These all-in-one sets contain all that is needed to extract microbial DNA samples, perform sequencing and comprehensive metagenomic analysis using the Microbial Analysis Portal,” the spokesperson said.

A link to the technical recommendations and product catalogue numbers can be found here, as well as at the top of this article.